Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage is a massage, but its goals are different from conventional ones. The slow and gentle movements stimulate the circulation of lymph, which begins to flow through the body more easily. The lymphatic system transports the lymph, which circulates throughout the body and works as a kind of filter removing impurities. Along with white blood cells, the lymphatic system is an important agent in the body’s defense against viruses and bacteria. But when lymph accumulates between tissues it can cause pain and swelling. These small edemas may disappear from the affected area with a lymphatic drainage.

Benefits of lymphatic drainage:

▪︎Helps fight and prevent swelling and fluid retention;
▪︎Prevents the formation of cellulite;
▪︎Eliminates toxins from the body;
▪︎Collaborates in the healing process of injuries and in the recovery of plastic surgeries;
▪︎Improves blood, venous and lymphatic circulation;
▪︎It contributes to a better oxygenation of the body.

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